After serving you oh so passionately,
the much-loved pair has big, big plans ahead.


KAAITA slippers are full of life. Even once they retire as
your trusted everyday companion, they have so much
more to give. The simple act of recycling gives them the
opportunity to yet again be part of new sustainable
adventures. And it’s so easy to send them on their way.


Put your KAAITA FELT slippers into plastics recycling bin. Or, even better, say bon voyage to your KAAITA
slippers by sending the worn out pair back to us and we’ll give you a little something in return.



Place your love worn KAAITA FELT or PINEAPPLE slippers in an envelope or your own KAAITA slippers bag and send them to us. We’ll make sure they are recycled into such exciting things as alternative fuel and geotextile. For being so nice, we will email you a personal code, so you can buy yourself a fresh pair of KAAITA slippers at 15% off. Just don’t forget to include your email address in the envelope.


We are all smiles for your mail at Kaaita | Beethovnova 9 | 1000 Ljubljana | Slovenia| Europe